About little old me.

First, I am not a professional photographer.  I just enjoy taking pictures.  Pictures are pretty and fun.

Second, I’m from Pittsfield, MA.  Though I no longer live there, growing up in Pittsfield in the 80s and 90s shaped me into the jack-of-all-trades, sarcastic, hard working woman I am today thanks to my parents, brother and family.

Third, I was raised Roman Catholic. Interpret that however you see fit. Though I no longer consider myself Catholic or practice, this too was instrumental and intrinsic in cultivating my personality, for better and for worse.

Feel free to believe or not believe my description of myself, because honestly, who knows if this is actually me, the public perceived me, or my own idea of me.

Here ya go with some more info:

Thinker. Doer. Razor wit. Curious. Distracted. Restless. Lazy. I hate endings. I love good writing, driving with windows down, seasonal decorations, acting, singing, reading,  and food (making and eating it).



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